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Properties of amino modified silicone oil and its effect on hand sensitivity

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1. Characteristics of amino silicone oil

Amino silicone oil has four important parameters: ammonia value, viscosity, reactivity and particle size.These four parameters basically reflect the quality of amino silicone oil, and will greatly affect the style of the treated fabric.If feel, whiteness, color light and the difficulty of silicone oil emulsification.

1.1 ammonia value

Amino silicone oil gives the fabric a variety of properties such as softness, smoothness, fullness is mostly brought by the amino group in the polymer.The amino content can be expressed by the ammonia value, which refers to the number of milliliters of hydrochloric acid of 1 equivalent concentration required to neutralize 1g of amino silicone oil.Therefore, the ammonia value is directly proportional to the molar percentage of the amino content in the silicone oil.The higher the amino content, the higher the ammonia value, finishing the fabric feel softer and smoother, this is because the increase of amino functional groups, so that its affinity to the fabric greatly increased, the formation of a more orderly molecular arrangement, so as to give the fabric soft and smooth feel.

But the active hydrogen in the amino group is easy to oxidize to form chromophore, resulting in the yellowing or slightly yellow light of the fabric.In the same case of amino, obviously with the increase of amino content (or ammonia value), the probability of oxidation increases, yellowing is serious.

With the increase of ammonia value, the polarity of amino silicone oil molecules increases, which provides a favorable precondition for the emulsification of amino silicone oil and can be made into microemulsion, and the selection of emulsifier and the size and distribution of particle size in emulsion are also related to the ammonia value.

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