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Production method and measurement of fluffy silicone oil

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In a blender, reflux condenser pipe, thermometer and the nitrogen gas pipe 1000 ml of four flask, joined the amount of calculation of D4, the gamma - divinyl three amino propyl methyl dimethoxy silane hydrolyzate, N - beta - aminoethyl - gamma - ammonia propyl methyl dimethoxy silane, then heat up to 140 ℃, add one over ten thousand of the total weight of reactants KOH alkali glue, in the temperature continue to 4 h, the temperature to 100 to join the neutralizer, thoroughly and catalyst, and then open the vacuum removing low boiling, cooling after colorless transparent viscous liquid (fluffy silicone oil).


Measurement of viscosity


Take 200g of the prepared fluffy silicone oil into a disposable plastic cup, keep the sample constant temperature to 25℃, select the appropriate rotor, select the appropriate speed, read the screen reading is the viscosity of the sample.

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