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​Polyester tube yarn dyeing prescription and notes

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                                                      Polyester tube yarn dyeing prescription and notes

1.Production materials and equipment    
Polyester 100D network yarn, dyestuff, glacial acetic acid, levelling agent, reducing cleaning agent, antistatic agent, RY-1180V high temperature and high pressure dyeing sample machine  

2.Process and conditions and prescription:    
Raw yarn into the factory - loose tube - chamfering - loading cage - into the dyeing cylinder - pre-treatment (desizing, boiling, bleaching in one, at 100 ℃ for 20min, soaping agent 1g / L de-oiling) -Washing - Dyeing vat add the dissolved dyestuff and auxiliaries in order to invade the dyeing trough - Add yarn dyeing (1℃/1min) heating up to 70℃ even dyeing 10min - (1℃/1min) heating up to 100℃ even dyeing 10min -(1℃/min) heating up to 130℃ and holding for 45-60min - high temperature drainage - washing water - reduction washing (100℃ treatment for 30min, for dark colours) - washing water -Neutralisation with acetic acid - Washing (with antistatic agent) - Dewatering - Drying.  

Dyeing prescription (according to fabric weight): dispersed dyes (o.w.f.) x, glacial acetic acid 1.2g/L the higher the quantity. Dye diffusion from the surface of the fibre into the fibre and the speed of dyeing occurs naturally faster, the more the number of reasons.  
Notes: Evenly winding    
The so-called "even" means that the winding tension should be even, and the winding density should be even. Actual production has proved that manual winding speed, but it is difficult to achieve the "uniform" requirements. Therefore, it is best to use machine winding, the winding effect is relatively good.  

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