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Pesticide Surfactant

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Surfactants can make pesticides that cannot be used directly into pesticide formulations that can be used. It is applied to pesticides as a pesticide adjuvant, which can not only improve the use effect of pesticides, but also reduce the amount of pesticides, reduce the impact of pesticides on the environment, and bring huge benefits to agricultural production. However, because pesticides are a kind of special chemicals with strong biological activity, their control objects, protection objects and environmental conditions are also very complicated. In addition to the selection and preparation of surfactants in accordance with the nature and characteristics of the original drug, the surfactant Consider the effect of the surfactant itself on the target organism.

1, solubilizer

  Using the micellar effect of surfactants, the solubility of poorly soluble technical drugs in solvents is significantly increased, which is the solubilization effect. Surfactants with HLB=15-18 can be used as solubilizers, but only when the concentration of the solubilizer is higher than the critical micelle concentration will the solubilizing effect appear. At this time, the poorly soluble drug is trapped or adsorbed inside the gel by the lipophilic base of the solubilizer, and the hydrophilic group of the solubilizer is in water, so the non-polar drug can be dissolved in water.

2, dispersant

   dispersant can hinder or prevent the aggregation of solid or liquid particles in the dispersion system, and keep it uniformly dispersed for a long time. The dispersant is adsorbed on the oil-water interface or on the surface of solid particles, forming a charge or steric barrier around the particles, which helps prevent pesticide particles from re-aggregating during preparation and storage. Generally used as dispersants are polycyclic anionic surfactants, such as sodium salt of alkyl naphthalene sulfonate and naphthalene sulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate, lignosulfonate and the like. The polymer dispersant (such as polycarboxylate sodium salt) is particularly important when preparing water suspensions because of its adsorption properties and the characteristics of charging the dispersed particles and having a large space barrier.

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