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Organic silicon market carbon supply share of 70%

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Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. At present, the social attention to environmental protection from all walks of life is getting higher and higher, the expectation is also getting higher, the demand for activated carbon in the environmental protection industry is showing a growing trend, "carbon peak", "carbon neutral" will become the main direction of the future environmental protection policy.

With the rapid development of China's industry, activated carbon has been used in chemical, food, textile, electronics, steel, petroleum, smelting, sewage treatment, tap water purification and environmental protection and other fields, and presents a particularly good control role.

Activated carbon is a kind of material with good adsorption effect. It plays an important role in many fields because of its stable chemical properties, recyclable and high adsorption efficiency. In the silicone rubber industry, most of the waste silicone material, recycled smelting cracking silicone oil, waste silicone material in the process of pyrolysis production will lead to the flavor of the product is very heavy, deep color, and is designed for silicone oil decoloring activated carbon in addition to taste a piece, the harmful gas of the cracking material and color are adsorption, to make the product is colorless, odorless transparent shiny, further improve product quality.

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