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Organic silicon for agricultural use

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Organosilicon, in a broad sense, refers to a compound containing Si-C bond, and at least one of the organic groups is directly connected to the silicon atom, called an organosilicon compound. The application of organosilicon in agriculture did not begin commercial until the 1980s. The wide application of organosilicon has made a great contribution to the development of agriculture. Why do you say that?

Farmers know that in the process of crop management, pesticides are necessary for us to use. In order to improve the use of pesticides, pesticide synergist is added to pesticides. Pesticide synergist is an important adjuvant in pesticides. It has no activity in itself, but it can obviously improve the utilization rate of pesticides when it is mixed with corresponding pesticides. And organic silicon is the most widely used in agricultural production of a synergistic agent, then organic silicon this additive and pesticide mixed with what are the characteristics?

1. The excellent wetting performance of organosilicon enables the liquid medicine to spread rapidly on the leaf surface, enhance the attachment of liquid medicine, improve the utilization rate of pesticide, reduce the loss of liquid medicine, avoid pesticide infiltration into the ground and cause water pollution.

2. Silicone additives can significantly enhance the adhesion and expansion of the liquid on the surface of plants or pests, improve the utilization rate of pesticides, accelerate the absorption rate of pesticides by pests, and improve the insecticidal effect to a certain extent, thus reducing the number of sprays and reducing the use of pesticides.

3.Silicone promotes the absorption type of agent through the pore penetration, improve the rainwater scouring resistance, do not need to spray after rain.

4. It can reduce pesticide usage and water consumption per unit area, reduce pesticide pollution and pesticide residue. Can be used in conjunction with insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

So the problem comes, since silicone and pesticide after mixing the effect is so good, then is not our farmers friends playing any pesticide can add silicone additives at will? Apparently not!

Here do not rule out some agricultural dealers in order to make money to deliberately promote the purpose of silicone, because this silicone additive will not have any adverse reactions, this is agricultural dealers dare to strongly recommend the reason. So how should a farmer friend choose?

A. Not all pesticides need additives

In fact, some pesticides have been added in the production process of some surfactants, and if these pesticides in use, add silicone and other additives may cause harm.

B. In practical use, it is better to use less than more

The amount of organosilicon must be used in strict accordance with the instructions. Do not increase the concentration at will, which can easily cause drug harm. At the same time, it is best to apply the drug before 10 o 'clock in the morning, after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, to avoid high temperature application.

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