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Open inflation! DMC up 3400 in a week! A number of silicone rubber factory suspended orders! Latest trend forecast!

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In the middle of March, the silicon market entered the "open-hang" inflation mode, and the current DMC quotation was just a step away from breaking the 30000 yuan/ton mark. Various silicone oil, silicone rubber, silane crosslinking agent, gaseous silica.......... Are in high spirits, the overall organic silicon prices showed a rapid upward trend. Among them, the DMC of a few manufacturers last Friday reported to 29,100 yuan/ton, up 3400 yuan/ton in a week, up 13.23%, 66.3% compared with the same period last year. At the same time, a number of multinational organic silicon giants have also announced price increases, so intensive, and high intensity of price increases, downstream enterprises directly shout can not stand, some enterprises even issued a notice, suspended orders!

Aiken Spark has an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons of silicone, and the device is in normal operation this week. It is scheduled to be repaired for about 35 days in early April. Zhejiang region: Xin 'an device runs smoothly, the existing device in Hesheng runs smoothly, and the operating rate of the new 200,000 tons expansion device is low; Zhongtian Orient Fluorosilicone Plant is in shutdown and is scheduled to restart in mid-to-late March. Shandong region: Luxi, Jinling, Dongyue devices run smoothly; Inner Mongolia Hengyecheng, Tangshan Sanyou, Hubei Xingfa Plant normal operation; Zhangjiagang plant load is about 60%; This week, the single unit was flat compared with last week, the release of new capacity was limited, and the Spark in April was expected to reduce output, and the short-term extended supply was tight.

107 silicone rubber market: last week 107 rubber market continued to push up, because 107 rubber for a long time limited order, and delivery delay, the market spot resources are less, the downstream just need to spot purchase to the right amount of price increase, resulting in market sentiment continues to go up. At present, the domestic 107 glue market is mainly cost oriented, DMC supply is tight, driving the price high.

Enter March 107 adhesive demand also steadily peatlands, curtain wall exhibition last week has promoting effect to silicone rubber to clinch a deal, and crosslinking agent is hard to find a goods recently, prices, silicone rubber kept increasing production cost, after rising price of silicone rubber, stimulate the terminal market procurement, the silicone rubber factory orders is very considerable, row of single relatively compact. On the whole, the supply of 107 glue and silicone glue is tight. Although the Dow Zhangjiagang factory resumes operation, there are more orders in the early stage, the supply is more tight, and the price is higher. It is expected that in the short term, 107 glue prices continue to climb!

Silicone oil market: The Silicone oil market continued to rally sharply last week due to high DMC prices and continued tight supply, which limited the production of Silicone oil producers and low inventories. Downstream procurement remained stable, and the mentality of bearers was unabated, which promoted the price of silicon oil to rise continuously. Last week, the price of silicon oil rose by about 2000 yuan/ton. At present, DMC prices have risen sharply under the promotion of periodic shortage and speculation. Silicone oil enterprises in the raw material strong boost, superposition of supply and demand end performance is still stable, with the positive price rise. And the import source supply is tight, at the same time, Dow, letter more, wake have announced the price of silicone products across the line, imported material silicon oil high prices have been boosted again, agents are reluctant to sell obvious. So overall, the silicone oil market will remain high, further gains are expected this week, the specific increase still needs to pay attention to the DMC price guidance.

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