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New products!Fixing agent CY-211HA

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The special effect Fixing agent CY-211HA can help dye factory to improve the color fastness of such sensitive colors.

The main effect of this product was verified by the following tests:

Test purpose: Improve the water fastness of color-fixing agent CY-211HA for sensitive colors

Test fabrics: cotton turquoise blue cloth, cotton blue cloth, cotton green cloth

Test process: Dyeing→Soaping→Fixing→Drying→Testing

Test purpose: water fastness test of sensitive color fixing agent

Test objects: cotton turquoise blue cloth (active turquoise blue S-G 3.5%), cotton brilliant blue cloth (reactive brilliant blue KN-RHG 3.5%)), green cloth (customer cloth)

Test process: dyeing 1 > soaping twice 1 fixing color 1 measuring washing fastness

①Dyeing 3.5%, Yuanming powder 80g/L, soda ash 20g/L, 1:10, 60°C*60 minutes

②Soaping agent CY-411H 3g/L, 85°C*20 minutes, soaping twice

③Sensitive color fixing agent CY-211HA 3g/L, 50C*20 minutes, dehydration, drying,

④Do the washing fastness with water, washing powder 5g/L, 60°C*30 minutes

Multi-fiber staining comparison (washing powder 5g/L, 60℃×30min)

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