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Make The Fabric Have Higher Wear Resistance, Tear Resistance And Prevent Pinholes.

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In hazardous working environments, practitioners have put forward higher performance requirements for protective textiles. Compared with other protective textiles, labor protection gloves are actually used more frequently and are more prone to wear and tear. Keeping the surface of the gloves intact is the prerequisite and foundation for maintaining other protective properties. Therefore, labor protection gloves need to have excellent wear resistance, and the wear resistance enhancement technology of labor protection glove fabrics has always attracted much attention. There are also some workwear fabrics, jackets, polyester mesh back fabrics, fly-woven shoe uppers, and even home textile fabrics that are required to be wear-resistant without losing comfort.

With the company's in-depth research on fabric wear resistance enhancement technology, it is difficult to achieve ideal results by simply designing textile structures to improve fabric wear resistance. At this time, textile functional additives such as fabric abrasion fastness enhancers can be used to finish the textile fabrics to improve the fabric's wear resistance, tear strength, bursting strength and pilling resistance. These enable the fabric to withstand higher loads of external force strength.

Wear-resistant and anti-pilling enhancer XXX is a textile finishing additive composed of polyethylene copolymer:

◆Improve fabric fiber strength and reduce fabric loss

◆Gives the finished fabric higher wear resistance and tear resistance, and prevents pinholes.

◆Elastic feel and smoothness.

◆Does not affect the whiteness and color of the fabric.

◆Excellent anti-pilling effect.

◆This textile finishing auxiliary can be used by padding or impregnation processes. The finishing agent has good thermal stability and good compatibility, and can be used in the same bath with various additives in resin finishing and functional finishing.

Comparison chart of the effects of fabric abrasion fastness improving agents:


Comparison of fabric anti-pilling effects:


On the basis of the above, the fabric abrasion fastness improving agent can make the fabric soft and wear-resistant, resist pilling and improve fabric comfort. At the same time, it also brings a lot of flexibility to the development of clothing fabrics such as workwear, labor protection clothing, home textiles, seat backs, and fly-woven shoe uppers.

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