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Main varieties of electronic glue(1)

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1. General purpose adhesive  

The so-called "universal" is the glue that can be bonded to a variety of metals, plastics, etc., including the following:  

Second generation acrylate glue  

Including two main dosage form and bottom glue type two. It is characterized by fast curing and high bond strength.  

α -cyanoacrylate adhesive  

It is the representative of fast setting glue. It can bond to most materials, with the adhesive, and even polyolefin and engineering plastics.  

Hot melt adhesive  

The main varieties are EVA, polyamide (nylon), polyester. EVA hot melt adhesive is used a lot, but its heat resistance is not good, the latter two heat resistance is better. The biggest advantage of hot melt adhesive is rapid curing, no pollution.  

Silicone adhesive  

Silicone adhesives have a single component, two components of the two categories, and there are many varieties in each category. In the electronic industry, single component wet - cured rubber is used more. Its main uses are as follows: high voltage line insulation seal, various electronic components, mixed integrated circuit, power supply components, picture tube and other high voltage components, heat resistant glass products bonding seal.  

2. Heat conduction adhesive  

When some components with high heat and heat dissipation requirements are assembled on the electronic chassis and circuit board, thermal conductive adhesive is usually needed. For example, transformers, transistors, CPU chips, etc., usually need to use thermal adhesive to bond the shell, circuit board cold plate or radiator.  

Thermal conductive adhesive is generally a single component, good thermal conductive adhesive not only has good thermal conductivity, cold and heat alternating performance, aging resistance and electrical insulation performance, and has excellent moisture resistance, earthquake resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance and chemical medium performance, can be used in -60~280℃ and maintain performance, Non - swelling and good adhesion to most metal and non - metal materials

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