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MS glue used outdoors, weather resistance performance is ok?

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Recently, the price of silicon metal market has risen sharply, resulting in the price of silicone derivatives and silicone sealant, and the supply relationship has become very tense. The price increase letter and price adjustment table spread throughout the "circle of friends" of the door and window curtain wall industry. "A single discussion, sealed single is not reported" has become the norm. The current situation and trend of the price rise of raw materials will be difficult to improve for a long time.

Therefore, as a silicone sealant with similar functions of MS glue quickly entered the consumer's vision, but MS glue and traditional silicone sealant still have a big difference, and today's market MS glue mixed, users difficult to distinguish between good and bad. To this end, China curtain wall network specially invited "zhong Hua" company, from "the origin of MS glue, what is good MS glue?", and "MS glue outdoor use and weather resistance" two topics to discuss, to help Windows and doors curtain wall, design institute, and real estate, construction users the correct choice of MS glue.

In the 1970s, Japan's Bell (KANEKA) company invented the polymer polyether compound to methoxy silane sealing end, the polymer as the main functional raw material sealant products, with good adhesion, good weather resistance and other advantages, can fully meet the sealing requirements of building joints. In order to differentiate the Siliconesealant from the traditional ones and make it more acceptable to the market, the Japanese building market called the new sealant as geographically dispersed Siliconesealant ト(variations of Modified Siliconesealant), abbreviated as MS sealant. Zhong Hua has also commercialized the Polymer as Zhong Hua MS Polymer. Later, with the increasing recognition of this new type of rubber in the market, the name of MS rubber has slowly spread to Europe and America, as well as China. This is where the name "MS glue" came from.

KANEKA is not the only company that uses hydrolyzable silane to modify the end of polymer. The end of last century to the beginning of the century, some other multinational chemical companies and domestic companies, commercial and clock, MS Polymer structure similar, but the production technical route completely different silane modified Polymer products, such as the wacker STPE products of the company, Wallace figure SPUR products of the company, this is also can be applied to the sealant, adhesive, But each has its own characteristics.

Silane modified sealant is a large category, which contains different silane, different polymerization of the main chain of the basic raw materials made of sealant products. Because of the earliest commercial application, the widest, the most mature, the best market recognition, the name is simple, so MS glue has become a synonym for silane modified polyether glue. This, in the national standard "silicone and modified silicone building sealant" (GB/T 14683-2017) made a clear description: modified silicone building sealant is a single component and multi-component sealant with end silicone alkyl polyether as the main component, curing at room temperature, marked as "MS". However, the name "MS Polymer", as the Chinese translation of MS Polymer, generally refers to the products of KANEKA, a zhonghua company.

So what is a good MS glue?

This problem can not be generalized, from the "quality" and "fit" two aspects to judge.

"Quality", to be guaranteed, first of all sealant has a high content of silane modified polymer. Nearly two years, as the market competition is intense, part of the glue factory to reduce the content of silane modified polymers in the sealant to reduce costs, low content of plastic in use at the beginning, the effect are ok, but 1 or 2 years later, its weather resistance, durability and adhesion of weakness in gradually appear, affect construction quality, the victims are the end consumer. The second is to strictly choose good raw materials, especially the main resin, and clear formula proportion, strict management of the glue making process, to ensure that each glue is the best. Manufacturing quality sealant, the business philosophy and internal management ability of rubber enterprises is a big test.

"Suitability", is "suitable material suitable", means to choose the right glue in the right position. Incorrect application configuration will inevitably produce bad application effects. The judgment of suitability is required to have strong theoretical knowledge of sealant application and long-term application experience, which is also the most difficult, and requires long-term application accumulation of rubber enterprises.

Generally, attach importance to the long-term construction of their own brand, and long-term deep cultivation in the field of sealant enterprises, "quality", suitability "have a strong grasp, worthy of reliance.

Next, I will continue to introduce the typical glue points of MS glue on the exterior walls of buildings, as well as the performance of pollution resistance and weather resistance.

Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the comparison of contamination of silicone sealant and MS adhesive in external wall applications. Silicone sealant itself is a very good product, with super weather resistance, but there is a fatal disadvantage, that is, silicone oil will pollute the periphery of the joint, the surface can not be painted. In China, the development of silicone sealant is the most mature, so in the construction market, silicone sealant comes out on top, but this also limits the choice of consumers, resulting in some areas that should not use silicone sealant, silicone sealant occupied. Generally speaking, silicone sealant on the curtain wall is the most suitable for the structure of the glass curtain wall bonding and weather resistance seal. However, in the joint sealing of porous substrates such as stone and concrete, the comprehensive performance of MS sealant is better than that of silicone sealant. So when choosing glue, there should be the concept of "suitable for", according to the actual situation, choose the appropriate sealant.

And weather resistance.

Due to the difference in chemical structure, MS glue (main chain structure is C-O and C-C bond) uv resistance, and silicone sealant (main chain is Si-O bond), slightly less than. Under the action of outdoor ultraviolet rays, the surface of MS glue will appear a little powder, so MS glue is generally not recommended for the bonding of transparent glass which will be directly irradiated by sunlight (ultraviolet rays will pass through the glass and destroy the bonding surface of MS glue and glass). But in stone, metal, concrete and other non-transparent building substrate bonding, MS adhesive bonding surface is completely not affected by ultraviolet light, does not affect the sealing and waterproof function, and no pollution.

In order to measure the weather resistance of MS glue, three kinds of glue made based on bell MSPolymer were purchased in the market, namely MS-2(two-component MS glue), MS-1(single-component MS glue) and MS-1 high weather resistance (single-component HIGH weather resistance MS glue), and the aging test was conducted. It can be seen from (FIG. 4) that after 1800 hours of aging, the surface of MS-1 begins to show very slight cracks, but when the aging time reaches 2400 hours, the cracks increase slightly. The surface of MS-2 is basically unchanged after 2,400 hours of aging. The MS-1 is highly weather-resistant and remains unchanged after 5,200 hours of aging, which is equivalent to nearly 20 years of outdoor use. It can be judged that the weather resistance of MS is better than the vast majority of sealants on the market, and can fully meet the long-term use of outdoor.

MS gum as a new analysing, in the case of lack of awareness, early chaos is inevitable, but as a new direction of the building sealing materials, China's curtain wall believe MS glue to the healthy growth of the market, not only need the self-discipline of the enterprises, strengthen quality management, the correct application, also requires the user to monitor, From the brand, quality to choose suitable MS products, to achieve the survival of the fittest industry, orderly development.

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