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Liquid optical transparent adhesive

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Liquid OpticalClear Adhesive, referred to as LOCA (Liquid OpticalClear Adhesive), also called OCR (OpticalClear Resin), is a special Adhesive mainly used for the adhesion of transparent optical components.

LOCA has colorless and transparent, high light transmittance, good bonding strength, can be cured at room temperature, medium temperature or UV conditions, and at the same time has a small curing shrinkage rate, resistance to yellowing and other characteristics; However, due to the existence of curing process, there will be a certain molding shrinkage rate, which may lead to yellowing, warping, ABNORMAL OCR adhesive thickness and other bad.

LOCA can be used for adhesion of transparent optical materials such as ITO film, PMMA, PC, PET, glass, electronic paper, projection screen assembly, display assembly, lens assembly, resistive touch screen G+F+F, F+F, capacitive touch screen, panel, ICON and other related electronic optical materials.

These transparent, baseless isotropic adhesives ensure accurate color and full display brightness, and provide durable, high-strength bonding effects.

The display screen is generally divided into two technologies: frame bonding and full bonding. The full fit means that the cover plate and the Sensor or module are seamlessly bonded with Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA). Full fit technology has the advantages of better display, screen isolation from dust and water vapor, reduced noise interference, thinner body, simplified assembly, and aid in narrow frame design.

In reality, LOCA is widely used in touch display products, military panels, automotive panels, etc. However, compared with the consumer electronics display, the vehicle display product structure and the use environment are much more complex, and LOCA has obvious advantages over OCA in the application of fully fitted vehicle display:

1, high bonding strength and reliability, to meet the requirements of more than 1000 hours of aging car regulations;

2. The laminating size and laminating thickness can be adjusted flexibly to meet the requirements of multiple types of on-board screen;

3, the section difference absorption is better, for the design with iron frame or other structure is not smooth, can seamlessly fit;

4. High cost performance, more suitable for the goal of long-term cost optimization in the automobile industry.

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