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Jeans washing processing operation essentials

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1. Prepare; Before clothing treatment, the long thread left by sewing should be cut off to avoid entanglement and unevenness in washing and grinding. For twisted bag covers, collars, pant corners, cuffs to be ironed, nylon climbing, prevent rolling.

2. The loading volume of each pot is about 40% of the capacity of the equipment, more easy to wear (water line), less low efficiency, too little is easy to water line.

3. After the pumice stone is broken, add water in the machine to turn a few times, grind the edges and corners, and fish out the floating light stone for use. Sunken ones don't work.

4. The weight ratio of clothing stone is generally 1:1. The grinding time is 20 minutes.

5. After grinding, the clothes should be thoroughly cleaned piece by piece, and the stone chips in the pockets should also be cleaned.

6 stone mill rinsing process, the most difficult to master the color standard sample, not only to master the amount of sodium hypochlorite, bleaching to a certain extent to frequently than the standard sample, on the color, should immediately add baking soda to terminate the reaction.

7 with VBL before adding white, should first wash the sodium hypochlorite, otherwise add white ineffective.

8. Desizing Zhao Jing, the softer the cloth, the less dead fold, the lighter the wear. Adding PD820 osmotic agent during desizing is conducive to desizing, and it also has a certain prevention effect on indigo blue back dyeing the original white yarn. Stone grinding with a little softener (MS-1,D3, film can) also prevent dead, reduce the effect of grinding.

9. Snow washing processing, the clothing should be returned to the pulp, after dehydration, shake out the clothes, stretch. Put a layer of clothes and a layer of pumice containing potassium permanganate in the stone mill, so many times (the weight ratio of the garment stone is 1:3), close the door and start the machine for about 10 minutes, then the material can be discharged, shake off the pumice, put the clothes in the aqueous solution of soda, stop the oxidation reaction of potassium permanganate, and then wash the manganese dioxide attached to the fabric with hot grass acid.

10. Preparation of potassium permanganate pumice; 100-300 grams of potassium permanganate,100-300 grams of 75% phosphoric acid dissolved in 100 liters of water. Soak the dry pumice stone in potassium permanganate solution, soak it out, dry it out, and set aside. Used pumice stones can be recycled and reused.

11 enzyme wash jeans color bright, cloth finish is good, feel is also very soft, but whitening and decolorization effect has a certain limit, the requirements of the corner grinding white obvious, lighter color products, can be combined with stone, rinsing first stone, chlorine bleaching, finally enzymatic washing, can still show the advantages of enzyme washing. However, the acid and alkali and REDOX drugs must be removed from the fabric before enzymatic washing. To ensure that the enzyme activity is not affected.

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