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Introduction of denim chemical feel finishing

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Chemicals are used to process denim or denim garments by rolling, pressing, spraying, coating, washing, etc., so as to achieve the desired feel. For example: in the rolling groove before the dryer or the setting machine, the softening agent is used for softening finishing; the foam before the pre-shrinking machine is added to the wet solution with an appropriate amount of softener or silicone oil and other chemicals to obtain denim The hand feeling or cloth surface effect required by the cloth; there are also special foam finishing equipment for coloring, coating (glue) or other chemicals on the surface or bottom of denim cloth.


The softener chemicals commonly used in the chemical softening of denim mainly include: fatty acid amides, fatty acid amide derivatives, silicone softeners, modified silicones, silicone oils, special silicones, etc.


In the actual production process, in order to obtain the desired feel of denim, several methods are usually used at the same time, especially in the raw materials (such as the use of Tencel fiber, real silk fiber), yarn, and fabric structure. Essentially, it plays a fundamental role in improving the feel of denim, and the efforts in the finishing process of fabrics and garments will also greatly improve the feel of denim. With the improvement of the feel of denim and the improvement of wearing comfort, the number of people who adapt to denim clothing will further expand, and the denim industry will usher in greater development!

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