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Hydrostatic pressure method

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Hydrostatic pressure is the ability of a fabric to seep under a certain pressure. It applies to all kinds of fabrics, including those that have been waterproofed.


The water resistance of the fabric is related to the water resistance of the fiber, yarn and fabric structure, and the measured results are different from that of water spray and rain on the fabric surface. The hydrostatic pressure method is used to measure the water resistance of fabrics, including static pressure method and dynamic pressure method. Static pressure method is to apply hydrostatic pressure on one side of the fabric, and measure the hydrostatic value under the hydrostatic pressure, the time of water drop, and the hydrostatic value at a certain amount of water flow. The hydrostatic value can be the height of the column of water or the pressure. In the actual measurement, the water penetration per unit area and per unit time (mL/cm2·h) is measured. For waterproof fabrics, measure the time it takes for water droplets to appear on the other side of the sample, or observe the amount of water droplets on the other side after a certain period of time.

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