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How to use silicone release agent?

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Silicone release agent includes different forms, a variety of dosage forms, they are suitable for different types of materials and different processing technology.Therefore, when using silicone release agent, the most appropriate release agent should be selected according to the working temperature, the size of the peel force and the requirements of the subsequent surface coating of the product.

In glass, ceramics and other corrosion resistant substrate, can be applied to the initial reaction of corrosive organochlorosilane as the base material of the release agent.For rapid injection molding of one mold with several small parts, it is advisable to use aerosol silicone release agent.Application of large hot mold processing products, can use water emulsion silicone release agent;Application of cold mold processing technology, is unfavorable use emulsion water dosage forms such as release agent, because the water retention in the mold surface will affect the products forming precision, such as waiting for the forming of the reentry after evaporation will take a long time, so the application of cold mould processing rubber products appropriate USES type release agent, solvent evaporation faster solution to save release agent of dry and waiting time.

For the demoulding of rubber and plastic products that can be broken down and coated, it is necessary to choose non-migratory silicone demoulding agent, and not to use migratory demoulding agent, in order to prevent the composition of demoulding agent from migrating to the surface of the products and impeding the coating.In terms of demoulding force comparison, usually the operation with partial migration of demoulding agent is smaller than the operation without the migration of demoulding agent component, that is, the former is easier to demoulding.


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