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How to test the alkali resistance of hydrogen peroxide stabilizer

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Test steps

Weigh 2g and 5g of the oxygen bleaching stabilizer respectively in 4g/L of anhydrous Na2C03 and 2g/L of NaOH solution to prepare four groups of A1, A2, B1, and B2 solutions, and combine A1, A2, B1 , B2 was placed in a 250mL round-bottomed flask, and the appearance of the solution was observed. Then it is heated to boiling, and the same flow is carried out. From the start of the same flow, the appearance of the solution is visually observed three times at 30min, 60min, and 120min. After the same flow, stop heating, leave it overnight, and check again the next day. If there is turbidity or precipitation, be sure to After raising the temperature to boiling, look to the side again, subject to the two test results.


Result evaluation

Level 1 solution is completely clear;

1~2 Grade 1 solution is milky white to slightly turbid;

Level 2 solution is turbid but no flocculent;

23 level one solution is very turbid but no flocculent or oily matter separates;

Level 3-Regardless of whether the solution is clear or turbid, flocculent or oily matter separates.

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