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How to solve the problem of excessive peeling of the full analysis silicone protective film?

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Silicone protective film is a kind of viscous PET protective film. Generally, a silicone coating is coated on the base film, and after curing, it is attached to the release film (low-viscosity silicone protective film can be attached to the original PET film). If you want to know the reason for the increased peeling force of the silicone protective film, you must first understand the production process of the silicone protective film and the problems that may occur in each process.

Production Process

Compounding: the main glue, curing agent, anchoring agent and cross-linking agent are added in different proportions according to different viscosities and diluted with mixed solvents such as toluene and ethyl acetate to a suitable level;

Filtration: After fully filtering the prepared silica gel glue for several times, it is circulated and filtered in a reaction kettle, and an appropriate amount of silica gel glue is sent to the coating system at the end of the filtration system;

Coating: Different coating equipment adopts different coating processes (generally direct coating, extrusion, transfer printing, etc.). If you are looking for wholesale of die-cutting release film, you can first come to Saisheng Decheng to understand and then make a decision. Inexpensive and guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Baking (curing): First, the silicone glue is cured and formed in the base film according to the sequence of solvent volatilization, then glue curing, and finally cooling and buffering.

Lamination and rewinding of the release film: The silicone glue and the base film are cured in an oven and then the release film is attached to the semi-finished product.

The above is the entire production process of the silicone protective film. The reason for the increased peeling force generally occurs in the first and fourth processes. In the first process, the addition of the curing agent is too insufficient, resulting in complete curing in the later stage. After the release film is attached, the continuous Slow curing, sticking to the release film under the action of the anchoring agent to increase the peeling force.

Excessive anchoring agent will increase the surface activity of the cured silicone coating and greatly increase the peeling force of the silicone protective film. In the fourth process, insufficient oven temperature or insufficient curing time in the oven will also lead to insufficient curing agent addition.

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