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How to solve the problem of excessive ammonia nitrogen discharge in reactive printing production?

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In reactive dye printing, due to the excessive use of urea, the ammonia nitrogen content in sewage often exceeds the standard, but urea is an indispensable auxiliary. As a hygroscopic agent, its moisture absorption can reach 24.4%. At the same time, it is also a co-solvent, which is used to prepare dyes, help dissolve and stabilize color paste. Its main effect on reactive dyes has the following three points: (1) Although there are hydrophilic sulfonic acid groups in the reactive dye molecules, they already have good solubility, but due to the correspondingly high amount of dyes during printing and pulping, Moreover, the bath ratio is small, so it is still necessary to use urea to aid dissolution. (2) When the reactive dyes are heat-set after printing, urea promotes fiber swelling through moisture absorption, which is beneficial to the penetration of dyes and increases the moisture absorption. The coloring effect on thermosetting reactive dyes is more significant. (3) It is the moisture retention agent in the color paste. Generally, the minimum dosage of urea is 1%. When the dosage of dye exceeds 1%, the dosage of urea should be equal to that of dye, or increase by 3%-5%.

Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and reduce the pressure of sewage treatment in factories, urea substitute agent CY-391 can be used to partially or completely replace urea to reduce the discharge of ammonia nitrogen.

Urea substitute agent CY-391

Technical indicators Appearance Colorless transparent liquid

pH value (1% aqueous solution) 6-8

Sugar content (%) around 35%

Performance and Features

1. It has the functions of moisture absorption, solubility enhancement and fiber expansion.

2. It can partially or completely replace urea, and is used for reactive printing of pure cotton and rayon fabrics without affecting the color yield of the fabrics.

3. It can significantly reduce the ammonia nitrogen content of wastewater.

scope of application

It is suitable for reactive printing of pure cotton and rayon fabrics.


Process formula:

Dye: dosage remains the same

Slurry: The dosage of each component except urea remains unchanged

Urea: according to the amount of urea substitute agent CY-391

CY-391: It can completely replace urea, and can also be mixed with urea in different ratios of 1:1, 1:2, etc.

Please adjust the specific dosage according to the fabric requirements and processing conditions

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