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How to select levelling Agent for dispersion dye?

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The retarding property of levelling agent can inhibit the transient dyeing property at the beginning of dyeing, which is the primary factor in choosing levelling agent. The test method of dyeing retarding is generally as follows:

1. Experimental materials:

Sample: Deoiled refined polyester fabric


Disperse Orange 30# 0.5% (O.M.F) C.I.

Scattered red 60# 0.5% C.I. (O.M.F)

Disperse blue 79# 0.5% (O.M.F) C.I.

Levelling agent x g/L

PH: 4.5

Bath ratio: 1:20

2. Experimental process:

Dyeing of stock solution: Dyeing at 40℃ for 30min, temperature rising to 130℃ for staining for 45min. Samples were taken for six times at 90℃, 100℃, 110℃, 120℃, 130℃, 130℃×45min, and half of the cloth samples were cleaned by reduction (insurance powder 2g/L, NaOH 2g/L, 80℃×20min). The other half is rinsed with tap water for about 30 seconds after dehydration and drying.

Residual dyeing: After each sampling, take 40mL of dyeing residue and add 2g of polyester cloth for dyeing. The process is the same as above.

3. Result evaluation:

The more uniform the color increment between the samples at each sampling point is, the lighter the hue pair is, indicating the better retarding effect of leveling agent.

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