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How to remove stained oil spots?

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How to remove stained oil spots?

①Removal of local oil spots or dead oil spots in small batches. Usually use non-ionic detergent, carbon tetrachloride, gasoline and other organic solvents, spray with a spray gun, scrub by hand, and then wash the fabric.

②Removal of large areas of oil spots. Use degreaser and non-ionic detergent each 2~3g/L, treat at 100℃ for 20min, or use degreaser non-ionic detergent 2~3g/L each, high temperature dispersant 1~2g/L at 130℃ Treat for 20min.

③The oil spots that are more difficult to remove. If the oil spots are more serious and difficult to remove, consider changing them to dark sapphire blue, black and other colors with better coverage.

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