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How to reduce the hair removal rate of towels

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Hair removal rate is one of the important quality indicators of towels. The new towel industry standard GB/T22864-2020 will be officially implemented on September 1, 2020.

In the new standard, the technical requirements index of the depilation rate does not distinguish between the velvet towels and the non-cut velvet towels for assessment, that is, the cut velvet towels and the non-cut velvet towels have unified the assessment indicators. In the new standard, the technical requirements for the depilation rate of cut pile towels and non-cut pile towels are consistent with the old standard cut pile towels.

The test standard for towel hair removal rate refers to GB/T22798-2019 Towel product hair removal test method

The hair removal rate is 0.5% for top-quality towels, 1.5% for first-class products, and 2.0% for qualified products.

Ways to reduce towel hair removal:

Generally, the following methods can be used to reduce the hair removal rate of towels:

1. Improve the cotton mix, usually using cotton with longer fiber length, but the same cost will increase.

2. Increase the twist of the yarn and reduce the depilation rate by increasing the twist.

3. Increase the weaving density of warp and weft. (Increasing yarn twist and increasing warp and weft density will affect the final feel and style effect.)

4. Increase washing times during dyeing and finishing.

5. Different drying methods such as increasing the air volume of the fan and flapping/reciprocating during drying.

6. Physically remove excess hair (hair balls) on the surface of the towel, such as a cut pile machine.

7. Reduce hair loss through post-processing additives, such as fiber yarn hair removal inhibitor.

Anti-hair removal agent for fiber yarn:

The fiber yarn depilation inhibitor increases the cohesion between fibers and yarns to reduce the depilation of towels. The additive can also be used in:

1. Anti-needle hole treatment of knitted fabric;

2. Anti-slip movement of woven fabric;

3. Anti-slip movement of polyester and nylon socks;

4. Anti-shedding and feathering of other velvet fabrics.

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