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How to produce a high-quality high-end waterproof fabric?

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Waterproof finishing is one of the most common functional finishings. At present, the water repellents on the market are mainly divided into fluorocarbon water repellents and non-fluorine water repellents. That is what we often say:C8 waterproofing agent, C6 waterproofing agent and fluorine-free waterproofing agent. Although there are certain differences in the principle of waterproofing agents, the waterproofing treatment process is not much different.

It also has alkane long-chain water repellents, including common metal soaps, paraffins, hydroxymethyl, pyridines, etc. and silicone water repellents. Compared with fluorine-based water repellents, fluorine-free water repellents are not easy to deposit in organisms, easy to degrade, harmless to human body, and are safer and more environmentally friendly products. In today's increasingly popular concept of ecological environmental protection, fluorine-free waterproofing agents are more easily accepted by consumers, so the development of fluorine-free waterproofing agents has become a new research hotspot.

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