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How to prevent the overflow machine from dyeing The "chicken paw print" on the fabric?

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1.Potential factors in spinning and weaving

For example, uneven yarn evenness and twist shrinkage difference after twisting, tension tightness and density difference during weaving, especially high-count and high-density fabrics, will directly affect the subsequent process.

In the process of wet heat treatment, the shrinkage of fibers (yarns) is often caused by different folds. Therefore, to overcome folding, the fabric should be mercerized and pre-shrunk, especially after mercerizing, to rearrange the cotton fiber molecules and increase the crystallinity, so as to reduce the folding caused by spinning and weaving.

2. The thermal shrinkage of two or more fibers in the blended fabric is inconsistent

Sometimes a predetermined shape is added to the fabric after pre-treatment, but sometimes there is still residual stress, especially the difference in thermal shrinkage at 130°C is more significant.

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