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How to prevent the fabric from losing elasticity during the washing process?

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(1) Under high temperature and alkaline conditions, the elasticity damage of spandex elastic fabrics is more serious. Try to avoid using caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide for desizing. If it is necessary to use caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide for desizing, the temperature should not be higher than 50℃, and use acetic acid after desizing. Dry after mixing.


(2) The chlorine positive ion in the bleaching water has a very strong chemical effect on the spandex. When bleaching water is used to fade, the spandex protective agent needs to be added, and the bleaching temperature should not exceed 40°C.


(3) When using cellulase for fermentation washing, due to the etching effect of cellulase on the cotton fiber, it is easy to damage the structure of the covered yarn. The penetration of cellulase into the yarn can reduce the loss of elasticity and foaming caused by enzyme washing. At the same time, it is best to use glacial acetic acid to adjust the pH value. If the enzyme is dried directly after washing, it must be inactivated.


(4) When treating potassium permanganate and monkey monkeys, the amount of phosphoric acid should not be too much, and at the same time, avoid using hydrogen peroxide to remove manganese to prevent manganese ions from catalyzing hydrogen peroxide to damage the fiber.


(5) Oven heat setting can make spandex elastic fabrics have a better setting effect, but when the setting temperature rises to 180 ℃, the elastic recovery rate and strength of the fabric are greatly damaged, and with the increase of setting temperature and treatment With the extension of time, the fabric will have obvious yellowing. The heat setting temperature is not more than 180℃ and the time is 30~90s.

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