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How to prevent the appearance of silicone oil spots?

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1. Inspection before use: Carry out alkali resistance, fluorescent whitening agent resistance, shear resistance and high temperature resistance test, and eliminate those that fail to meet the requirements;

2. Control the quality of the cloth surface: strengthen the dyeing and washing, ensure that the cloth surface and the cylinder wall are free of anionic additives and dye residues, and the PH value of the cloth surface is 5.5-6.8;

3. Scientific materials: adjust the PH value of the solution to 5-6, the temperature of the water is lower than 40 ℃, it is forbidden to stir for a long time, and the temperature in the cylinder is higher than 60 ℃, it is forbidden to add silicone oil

4. Choose hot air drying: after padding the softener, non-contact hot air drying should be used instead of drying contact drying. If drying with drying drum, put a layer of cloth on the first 4 drying drums to reduce The temperature of the drying cylinder to avoid the stain on the drying surface caused by the sudden contact of the cloth surface;

5. Do not use in the same bath with the paint: the non-ionic softener should be used to modify the color of the paint, and the paint must be fully dissolved; if the binder is added, the compatibility with the silicone must be considered, otherwise it will easily cause sticking to the roller.

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