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How to make HiLinCat?

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Preparation of HiLinCat solidcatalyst: mix the sodium metasilicate and powdered chelating agent in a V-type blender, spray a small amount of surfactant to increase the fluidity of the powder mixture, and then mix the liquid Mn-L type (polymer coordination Manganese compound) dispersion is sprayed uniformly on the surface of the above mixture. The catalyst has an alkalinity equivalent to that of the popular powdered scouring agent in the market, and is suitable for compounding and mixing of powdered scouring agent. Mn content = 0.05%.

HiLinCat liquid catalyst preparation:

Dilute a variety of surfactants with a certain amount of water, add liquid Mn-L type (polymer coordination manganese compound) dispersion, thickener (to prevent the catalyst dispersion from settling) and water, high-speed shear mixing, surface activity The content of the agent is equivalent to 30% of the popular scouring agent in the market, and the PH value is neutral, which is very suitable for the compounding of liquid scouring agent, Mn content=0.05%.

In order to study whether the catalyst can speed up the chemical reaction of hydrogen peroxide, whether there is an enzyme-like effect on the selective decomposition of lignin, a scouring powder (also called a solid scouring enzyme in the market) is designed, the main component is sodium metasilicate, and a small amount of chelating The scouring and bleaching kinetics test of the cotton knitted fabric is made by mixing powder and surfactant. The fabric is 18s pure cotton knitted fabric woven by the students' classroom practice of knitting major of Changzhou Textile and Apparel Vocational Technical College. Observe the selective decomposition of cotton seed hulls by the catalyst.

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