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How to improve wet rubbing fastness?

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According to the analysis of textile material science, general chemical fiber fabrics have better color fastness to wet rubbing than natural fabrics such as cotton, and thin fabrics are better than heavy fabrics. Therefore, when processing textiles, each process should be evenly processed to improve the absorbability of the fiber and the reactivity or adsorption fixation of the dye, so that the dye can be fully dyed. In the dyeing process, strict control is required, and auxiliaries must be selected and used correctly. In order to improve the color fastness to wet rubbing of textile products, sufficient soaping can be used in the post-treatment of textiles. For example, the high temperature setting of polyester fiber after dyeing with disperse dyes causes the dye to migrate to the fiber surface, which causes the rubbing fastness to decrease. In response to this situation, reinforcing color agents or smoothing agents can improve the color fastness to rubbing to a certain extent.

Use high-efficiency fixing agent, the selected fixing agent should be able to link between the dye and the fiber to form a compound, and when reacting with the dye, it can react and crosslink with the cellulose fiber, so that the dye and fiber can be closely and firmly connected Together, it strengthens the bond between the dye and the fiber, prevents the dye from falling off the fiber or migrating to the surface of the fiber, and avoids the decrease in color fastness.

The use of special additives, such as darkening agents, to finish the dyed fabrics can reduce the amount of dyes to obtain a deep color effect and improve the color fastness to wet rubbing.

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