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How to do fabric color fastness test?

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1 Test method

 The color fastness test method is the Daimaru method. When the sample is in the surfactant solution, the dye on the sample will remain on the white lining cloth as the water rises, causing pollution.


The specific test steps are as follows:

(1) Select a sample cloth with a length of 3cm and a width of 2.5cm for the sample preparation, and select the Japanese standard JIS test lining cotton cloth to make the sample. The length is greater than 20cm and the width is 2.5cm. The lower end 1.5cm is stitched with the sample, and both ends Each stitch is sewn to make a combined sample for the color fastness test.

(2) Liquid preparation Add 0.5 g of Kao 707 non-ionic surfactant to a 1000 mL volumetric flask, and add water to make a 0.05% non-ionic surfactant solution.

(3) Test Take 50 mL of 0.05% Kao 707 non-ionic surfactant solution in a beaker, immerse 2 cm of the lower end of the combined sample in the test solution, place it at a temperature of 25°C and a relative humidity of 65% for 2 hours, and then remove it Beaker, balance for 4h.

(4) Rating Use the color rating gray card to assess the most serious pollution degree on a white background. Generally, the requirement for qualified products is 4 or more.



2 Color fastness test 

The color fastness to weeping of pure cotton yarn and cotton dyed fabric without floating color extraction was tested. The pure cotton dyed yarn and pure cotton dyed fabric after each extraction are dried at 40℃, and then the color fastness to weeping is tested separately.

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