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How to deal with poor quality fabrics?

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For fabrics with a lot of cotton and dead cotton, increasing the alkali concentration (220g/L) during mercerizing can effectively improve the quality of the colored cloth surface and reduce the white star and cloth noodles.


Be sure to pay attention to the aurora print in the production process of the sanded fabric, because once there is aurora print, white spots will be formed during dyeing. Therefore, the rolling car and the cloth guide rod should not be stuck with hard objects during the mercerizing alkali washing after the sanding. It is necessary to make frequent inspections. When dyeing, it is found that there are white spots of aurora printing and should be treated before dyeing.


I have encountered it in the dyeing of polyester-cotton sanded fabrics (disperse/reactive dye two-bath method). When producing disperse dyeing, it was found that white spots were not paid enough attention. When the over-dyeing activity was found to be heavy, the white spots were found to be heavy. The only way to deal with the aurora print on the sanding cloth is at the cost of the sanding effect of the sanding cloth. A higher alkali concentration is used and then mercerized, so that the cloth surface outside the aurora print has the same feeling as the aurora print, so that the white spots caused by the aurora print will no longer appear. 

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