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How to correctly choose pigment printing auxiliaries?

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The widespread disadvantages of pigment printing are that the hand feel is worse than that of dye printing, rubbing and washing fastness is not good, especially when the dark or extra dark color is full of flowers, the conflict between hand feel and fastness is more prominent. These problems have been plagued by many Printing textile manufacturers.


Hand feel, color fastness and environmental protection are the core issues in pigment printing. The traditional paint binder printing system does not have the bright color of reactive dyes, hard hand feeling, color fastness standards and the ecological disadvantages of paint printing. This system eliminates the water-consuming and energy-consuming post-treatment process required in reactive dye dyeing, thereby reducing production costs and reducing environmental pollution. Processing time and efficiency as well as processing costs are greatly reduced.


Our Sylic CY-319B can solve this problem. Pigment printing auxiliaries are mainly composed of color pastes, adhesives, and a small amount of additives. The quality and compatibility of these auxiliaries determine the quality of the printed products. Therefore, pigment printing processing plants increase the amount of adhesives, the purpose is to form a colorless and transparent film, and will not turn yellow after heating. The film has good fastness and elasticity, strong adhesion, resistance to washing and dry cleaning, and resistance to sunlight and aging. ‍

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