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How to correct use fixing agent?

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The formaldehyde-free fixing agent performance test is evaluated by the fixing effect of the dyeing: dyeing proofing→fixing treatment→judgment of fixing effect: ①color change ②water fastness ③soaping fastness ④perspiration fastness ⑤ Rubbing fastness ⑥ Chlorine fastness ⑦ Wet ironing fastness ⑧ Light fastness ⑨ The effect of storage on the dyeing fastness of reactive dyes-rapid experiment

1. Dyeing and proofing: Dyestuff: 2% (o.w.f) (generally choose reactive scarlet, black, and turquoise blue) Fabric: pre-treated woven plain fabric. The dyeing method can refer to the dyeing proofing method of various dyes. If it is the application test of the factory, the dyed cloth with poor fastness in the workshop can also be used.

2. Fixing treatment: Fixing process: Fixing agent: 2%4% (owf) Liquor ratio: 1:20 Temperature: 40℃60℃ (According to the actual situation of the factory or the better fixing temperature requirement of the fixing agent ) Time: 20min ph value: some fixing agents need to correct the ph value to ensure a better fixing effect and a relatively low color change; operation: immerse the dyed and washed fabric in the above-mentioned heated to the predetermined temperature In the fixing solution, take it out after the fixing treatment at this temperature for 20 minutes, and dry it in an oven for testing.

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