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How to control the washing fastness?

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The washing fastness of the fabric includes two aspects of fading fastness and stain fastness. Generally, the worse the color fastness of textiles, the worse the color fastness.

When testing the stain fastness of a certain textile, the staining of the fiber can be determined by testing the staining of the fiber on the six commonly used textile fibers (these six commonly used textile fibers usually include polyester, nylon, cotton , Acetate, Wool or Silk, Acrylic. The test on the color fastness of the six fibers is generally done by a qualified independent professional inspection company. Such a test is relatively objective and fair.) That is to say, the washing fastness of reactive dyes is better than that of direct dyes. The dyeing process of insoluble azo dyes, vat dyes and sulfur dyes is more complicated than reactive dyes and direct dyes, so the latter three dyes have better washing fastness. Therefore, to improve the washing fastness of cellulose fiber products, not only the correct dye but also the correct dyeing process must be selected. Properly enhancing water washing, strengthening color fixing and soaping can significantly improve the washing fastness.


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