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How is the situation of raw rubber lately?

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As speculative demand ebbs and the Spring Festival approaches, part of the demand for rush work begins to emerge. Raw rubber inventory has continued to decline. In addition, from the perspective of supply, the high upstream cost + low raw rubber price has brought raw rubber companies close to the break-even line. It is more likely that the follow-up raw rubber parking maintenance will exceed expectations, which will promote the bottoming of the raw rubber industry.

The industry believes that raw rubber is the largest branch of organic silicon applications in the future, or will consume more than half of the DMC capacity, so its core logic is also an increase in concentration. At present, the traditional rubber compound industry is accelerating tail clearance, which will further promote the concentration of the raw rubber industry.

Monitoring data shows that due to the DMC dive yesterday, leading raw rubber companies dropped another 3%+ today, and market holders simultaneously followed up and adjusted the price down to a minimum of 30.5 yuan/KG. The relevant person in charge said that the price adjustment of raw rubber was to embrace The downward cycle of silicone. At present, as raw material price consistency is expected to enter the downward channel, the overall industry logic should be contrary to the logic of Q1 to Q3, and industry leadership should return to terminal silicon product customers.

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