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【High rise building 】 fire retardant silicone sealant performance interpretation

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With the continuous progress of urbanization in China, high-rise buildings are springing up like bamboo shoots after rain, and high-rise buildings have become one of the symbols of urban modernization.

However, high-rise buildings due to the high floor, large volume, personnel, multificacy, fire risk than ordinary buildings much larger, in recent years, high-rise building fire frequency to people sounded the alarm.

According to the code for building fire prevention Design, the building should take fire prevention measures along the outer edge of each floor slab, and the gap between the curtain wall and each floor slab and partition wall should be blocked by fire sealing materials.

Stairwell evacuation doors, evacuation Windows, etc., should adopt grade B or above fire doors and Windows, fire doors and Windows must meet the heat insulation and integrity of 1 hour in the fire state, to ensure the evacuation of personnel.

Therefore, the fire protection of buildings is mainly considered in two aspects:

Fire protection (non-flammability) of the building itself; Building components, how to prevent the spread of fire in the building.

Fire prevention design of doors and Windows

The vast majority of doors and Windows in the market that have fire resistance performance requirements are single-piece fireproof glass.

Composite fireproof glass is injected into the middle of ordinary fireproof glass with a fireproof material. After this material meets fire, the outer glass is broken, and the intermediate material will expand rapidly, and it will protect the glass inside, so the effect is very good.

Curtain wall fire prevention design

In order to improve the fire resistance limit of the curtain wall, prolong the fire resistance time of the curtain wall, prevent the firework diffusion when the fire occurs, and minimize the loss caused by the fire.

The crevice between curtain wall and its surrounding fire divider, the crevice between the floor or the outer edge of the partition, the crevice between the edge of the hole of the solid wall and the pipe well, elevator well, etc., should be designed for fire sealing.

It can be seen that the use of fireproof silicone sealant sealing in construction plays a key role in the fire prevention of the building! It's winter, dry weather, which is also the peak season for fires.

Scope of application: 1. Hotels, hotels, office buildings decorative flame retardant sealing; 2. Curtain wall engineering flame retardant seal; 3. Construction caulking, bonding flame retardant sealing; 4. Flame retardant sealing of Windows and doors glass.

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