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Heat stabilizer for high temperature processing of plastics

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Polyolefin materials involve issues such as thermal stability during material processing, recycling of scraps, thermal aging properties of finished materials, and light color stability.

This paper introduces a processing heat stabilizer, which can reduce the degradation of the molten state of the plastic during processing and reduce the performance degradation of the plastic after multiple processing.

Under the influence of heat, light, and heavy metal ions, plastics will undergo reverse polymerization, causing plastic degradation. On the one hand, the thermal stabilizer introduced in this paper can capture the source of reverse polymerization---carbon radicals, and at the same time, it can have a synergistic effect with the antioxidant, which can make the antioxidant work repeatedly, improve the anti-aging efficiency and reduce the cost. .


his heat stabilizer is suitable for PP, PE, PC, PET, ABS and other polymers, does not conflict with other antioxidants, and is added in a small amount, 0.05%.

This heat stabilizer is suitable for:

1. For the product industry that produces more scraps, ensure the multiple recycling of scrap materials, maintain stable performance and reduce production costs.

2 Process systems that require high color stability, such as primary color silk materials, white silk material processing

3 Systems that are easily degraded by high temperature processing.

4 BOPP is rapidly stretched and requires high thermal stability of the material.

5 For systems with extremely long and extremely high aging resistance to light, such as heat-resistant aging and oxidation of automotive plastic parts.

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