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Hair with silicone oil

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The introduction of silicone oil in hair products can meet the demand of consumers for smooth hair and good hair feeling, and provide excellent conditioning function; As a result of its unique spread out sex, can appropriate deposit is in the surface of the hair, still can provide colour protection, heat resisting protection, increase the effect such as tough

1, can form a film attached to the surface of the hair, can not only protect the color of the hair, but also effectively reduce water loss and heat damage;

2. By combining the reactive group with the hair damaged and exposed protein group, repair and smooth the hair scales, so as to make the hair more strong and tough.

Characteristics of different hair silicone oil

The basic structural unit of silicone material is Si-O chain, and the organic group can be connected with the cobond of silicon atom. Different organic groups can be derived from a variety of organic silicon products.

The hair care effect of silicone oil is determined by its own chemical structure:

In the structure of polydimethylsiloxane, the repeated Si-O units form chains of Si-O-Si.

1. Compared with C-O bond and C-C bond, Si-O bond has longer length and flat bond Angle [4]. -Ch3 can rotate freely around Si-O bond at 360°, which makes the main chain of the molecule very flexible and thus has more excellent properties.

2. The three hydrogen atoms on -CH3 can rotate around the carbon atom, just like an open umbrella, occupying a large space [5], providing more space for substituent groups of different sizes and facilitating the diffusion of gaseous molecules, thus forming a membrane with air permeability;

3. The si-O bond has a high dissociation energy (the higher the dissociation energy, the more difficult the bond to break), making the polydimethylsiloxane has a good chemical inertia;

4. Methyl group is the main branch chain of silicone oil, and the intermolecular force and surface energy are very low, making it easy to spread [4].

This unique polymer structure makes silicone oil an important component in hair care products.

#1 Dimethyl silicone oil

It is a linear polydimethylsiloxane with a very wide viscosity range, from volatile flowing liquid to flowable semisolid.

Used in cosmetics, it is hydrophobic, silky, can reduce surface tension, good air permeability, non-toxic and tasteless, and does not cause allergies

In particular, the macromolecular silicone has a better affinity for hair quality and film formation, which can give hair care products a significant sense of compliance and regulation.

#2 cyclic polydimethylsiloxane

It is a kind of volatile silicone oil with low viscosity.

Good compatibility with many cosmetic components, and soluble in most anhydrous alcohol and many cosmetic solvents, non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, non-sticky and no irritant, no residue left after volatilization.

#3 Silicone oil mixture

Silicone oil with different viscosity is mixed with volatile silicone oil and isomeric hydrocarbons to give full play to their physical characteristics.

Such as small molecular low viscosity dimethyl silicone oil has good spread, and macromolecular silicone has better smoothness and durability, both can be used together to improve their dry and wet combing, increase hair luster, give hair smooth characteristics.

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