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Textile Auxiliary Functional Finishing Agent

Functional additives are finishing agents for antibacterial and deodorizing fabrics (natural fibers, chemical fibers and blended fabrics), antibacterial treatment, UV protection, and static friction reduction. The purpose is to make the object have antibacterial, mildew-proof, anti-odor, anti-ultraviolet and other effects, and keep the textile processing process clean and hygienic. Functional finishes can be used in wet-laid processes to improve specific properties and create special effects on fabrics to increase customer appeal and enhance their performance for specific end uses such as protective clothing. Functional textiles are fabrics with a range of integrated functions that can be adjusted or controlled according to their application, often developed with a focus on function rather than aesthetics.
SYLIC GLOBAL implements finishing with different effects on textiles by evaluating the application needs at each stage of processing.
Why Choose Functional Finishing Agent For Textile 
Processing By Sylic Gloabl?
SYLIC GLOBAL has always emphasized the vision of achieving sustainable development goals by producing environmentally friendly and economical products, providing global textile mills with solutions such as odor control, antibacterial functional finishing, antistatic, etc. Here are some reasons to invest in this product:
Against microbial infestation
Prevent odor
Stays cleaner longer
Biodegradable products
More durable
Cost-effective solution
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