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Five uses for silicone sealant in architecture

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Silicone structure sealant

Uses: mainly used for glass and aluminum frame structure bonding, also used for hidden frame curtain wall insulating glass two sealing.

Features: bear wind load, gravity load, high requirements on strength, aging resistance, elasticity has certain requirements.

Silicone weather resistant sealant

Purpose: joint sealing function (see Figure 1), to ensure air tightness, water tightness and other properties.

Features: need to bear large joint width change, elasticity (displacement capacity), aging resistance requirements, low strength requirements, high modulus, low modulus can be.

Ordinary silicone sealant

Application: door and window joints, wall sealing and other positions.

Features: bearing joint width change, has a certain displacement capacity requirements, low strength requirements.

Hollow glass with two silicone sealant

Purpose: double sealing of insulating glass to ensure the structure stability of insulating glass.

Features: high modulus, not too soft, some have structural requirements.

Special use silicone sealant

Application: used for sealing joints with special requirements, such as fireproof, mildew proof etc.

Features: Need to have some special performance (such as mildew, fire, etc.).

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