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Fireproof sealant

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Sealants are very useful in life, they contain many kinds of performance is also very comprehensive, common sealants are waterproof sealant, repair sealant, concrete sealant, etc., but do you know? There is also one of the most important sealants - fireproof sealant.

Listen to the name to know how important this sealant is, but many people know little about fireproof sealant. In view of this phenomenon, Xiaobian wants to popularize some knowledge of fireproof sealant, and hope that we can realize what role this type of sealant can play in the "fire".

The role of sealant in "fire"

In the decoration process, after the construction of fireproof materials, fireproof sealant is needed to deal with small gaps, so in the construction process of fireproof materials, fireproof sealant is an essential substance. The sealing mechanism of different forms of sealants is not the same. The biggest characteristic of fireproof sealant is fire prevention. So what is the tightness of fireproof sealant?

In fact, the fireproof sealant is based on water-based emulsion, and the sealing application scope is the joint of the door frame with strict requirements for smoke prevention. Different materials of fireproof sealant construction methods are not the same, which expansion type fireproof sealant in order to get the required fire effect, coating the specified thickness of the standard is to determine that the sealant has contact with the surface of the pipe substrate, in order to obtain the maximum adhesion; Flatten the fireproof sealant, in order to get a better effect, need to immediately smooth the appearance, for excessive cement, before its hardening, can be removed with water tools; Elastic fireproof sealant, clean the opening, prepare the joint surface coated with FS-I, remove scattered debris, dust, oil stains, frost, wax, etc., and keep dry.

Why can fireproof sealant fire? The production material of fireproof sealant is not burning, so when a fire is encountered, it will not become the medium of fire spread, can block the spread of fire to a certain extent, and create time for people to escape. To take a very simple example, if you encounter a fire in the forest, it is very dangerous, it is full of combustible trees, jungle, but we can be in front of the combustible material clean up, there is no combustible medium, which to a certain extent to ease the spread of the fire trend, providing conditions for escape. Fireproof sealant is equivalent to a non-combustible medium, in addition to fire retardant, fireproof sealant can also heat insulation, its thermal conductivity is relatively poor, so when the fire high temperature, will not transfer heat to the human body, can reduce the harm of the fire. When the temperature reaches a certain degree, some objects will spontaneously ignite, especially wood, and fireproof sealant can not conduct heat, it can reduce the heat transfer and reduce the spread of the fire.

Although fireproof sealant is small, but at a critical moment, it is a "lifesaving treasure". Many small partners who ignore fireproof sealant must pay attention to it. In order to be safe, the use of fireproof sealant in some wall gaps in decoration can greatly improve the safety of fire prevention system.

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