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Extrusion analysis of sealant in the construction process

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Extrusion is one of the most important properties to determine the construction of sealant. It reflects the extrusion rate of sealant. The higher the extruder, the greater the amount of glue per unit time.

In the field of industrial glue, a large extruded sealant products can not only make workers in the construction process, save more effort, but also better control the rate of glue, making the glue more uniform.

In the automatic gluing machine equipment, the large extruding sealant can ensure the amount of glue out of the equipment, ensure the smooth operation of the production line, and improve the production efficiency. The small extrusion sealant is generally thicker, in the glue process is not easy to draw, to ensure the construction process clean and tidy.

In addition to the formula of the sealant itself, the main factors affecting the extrudability are the following:

The first is the extrusion temperature, under the same other conditions, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the higher the temperature, the greater the extruder sealant.

The second is the extrusion pressure, in other conditions unchanged, the greater the pressure, the greater the extrusion.

The third is the diameter of the nozzle. Under the same other conditions, the larger the diameter of the nozzle, the greater the extrudability of the sealant.

Fourth, the length of the extrusion hose, the longer the sealant extrusion way, the greater the friction resistance, the more difficult to extruder.

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