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Do you know why there are color stains on the fabric?

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1. Process formulation and operation issues:

Unreasonable formulation of the process or improper operation will produce color flowers;

Unreasonable process (such as rising and falling temperature too fast);

Poor operation, knotting during dyeing, and power outage during dyeing;

The temperature rises too fast and the heat preservation time is not enough;

The scouring water is not clean, and the pH value of the cloth is uneven;

The crude cloth contains a large amount of oily slurry and has not been completely removed after scouring;

Uniformity of pre-treatment cloth surface


2. Equipment problems:

Equipment failure ;

For example, after the disperse dye dyes polyester, the temperature in the oven of the heat setting machine is also easy to produce chromatic aberrations, and the insufficient pump power of the rope dyeing machine can easily cause chromatics.

The dyeing capacity is too large and too long;

The dyeing machine runs slowly; the dyer has no boundaries

The circulation system is blocked, the flow rate is too slow, the nozzle is not suitable, etc.


3. Raw material issues: Fiber raw material and fabric uniformity


4. Dye problems:

Dyes are easy to aggregate, have poor solubility, poor compatibility, and are too sensitive to temperature and pH, which are easy to produce color blur and color difference. For example, the active turquoise blue KN-R is easy to produce color flowers.

The reasons for dyeing include poor levelness of dyes, migration of dyes during dyeing, and too fine dyes.


5. Water quality issues:

Poor water quality may cause dyes and metal ions to combine or dyes and impurities to condense, causing color blurs, and light colors are not attached.

Improper adjustment of dye bath pH;


6. The problem of additives:

Improper dosage of additives; for the problem of additives, the additives related to coloring mainly include penetrant, leveling agent, chelating dispersant, PH value control agent, etc.

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