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Do you know textile printing method?

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1.Screen printing

The main printing device of screen printing is the screen, which is derived from stencil printing. Stencil printing is a printing method that engraves hollow patterns on paper, metal or chemical plates. The screen is divided into two types: flat screen and round screen. The flat screen is stretched on a metal or wooden rectangular frame, and the round screen uses a nickel circular metal screen.

When printing, the pattern is engraved on the web, and the color paste is applied to the flat screen or rotary screen printing machine to transfer the pattern to the textile through screen printing. There are manual and mechanical differences between flat screen printing, and rotary screen printing is a continuous machine. run. Rotary screen and flat screen printing are currently widely used printing methods. This printing method has a large number of printing sets, the pattern arrangement of the unit pattern is more lively, the tension on the textile is small, it is not easy to be deformed, the color is excellent, the color is full, and the screen printing is less defective, especially suitable for small batches and multiple varieties produce.


2.Roller printing

The main printing device of roller printing is a copper roller with patterns, also called a flower tube, which forms a printing machine with other parts. The color paste is transferred to textiles by embossing on copper rollers with patterns and patterns. This printing method occupies a certain proportion in the domestic cotton printing production. According to the equipment model, you can install several flower tubes called a multi-color printing machine, such as an eight-color printing machine.

The production cost of roller printing is low, and the production efficiency is high. The printing speed of modern roller printing machines can reach 100m/min, and the output is high. It is suitable for mass production. The outline of the printed pattern is clear, and the fine line pattern can be printed. However, the textiles are subject to high tension, and the printing color and pattern size are limited. The first-printed pattern is squeezed by the later-printed flower tube, which can easily cause color transfer and insufficient color, which affects the vividness of the color.

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