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Development status of silicone sealant industry

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Silicone glue is organic silicon products, because of its strong adhesion, tensile strength, but also has weather resistance, vibration resistance, moistureproof, odor resistance, adapt to the characteristics of hot and cold change, coupled with its wider applicability, can achieve most of the building materials between the adhesive, so the application value is very big.Silicone building sealant was widely used in China in the 1980s.In China, the first large-scale use of acid silicone sealant (commonly known as glass glue), is also the largest amount of varieties.Later, due to the rapid development of glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall and stone curtain wall building, the requirements for glue are also improved accordingly, so that neutral silicone sealant has also been used in large numbers.China's silicone sealant has experienced several stages of import from abroad, import packing and domestic production. At present, the silicone sealant in the domestic market is mainly produced in China.

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