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Development of medical silica gel

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Foreign development and application  

The medical properties of medical silica gel were discovered in 1945. Since 1960s, there have been many reports about the application of medical silica gel as human body implant material and medical products abroad. In particular, the application of medical silica gel in cardiac pacemaker and heart valve not only makes thousands of patients get a new life, but also plays a great role in promoting the development of other medical products. From 1960s to 1970s, many medical silicone rubber products (silicone rubber breast, knuckles, orbital bottom, endotracheal intubation, auricle, hydrocephalus drainage tube, peritoneal dialysis tube, balloon catheter, catheter, etc.) had been put into clinical application in foreign countries.  

Domestic development  

The research, development and application of medical silicone rubber products in China began in the 1960s, but a large number of basic research and trial production of products were carried out after the 1970s. Especially in recent decades, great progress has been made in the research of medical silicone rubber as a bioadaptive material, and many functional and serialized medical silicone rubber products have been put into clinical application.  

Application domain editor broadcast  

Including human body implantation, corrosive material transport, elastic steam transport, acid processing, hot oil circulation, solution treatment, high temperature air and monomer transport in the plastics manufacturing industry. Medical grade silica gel with higher requirements than food grade has been widely used in the manufacture of milk bottle teats.  

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