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Description and advantages of silicone defoaming agent

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Silicone defoaming agent is based on silicone oil as a basic component, with appropriate solvent, emulsifier or inorganic filler prepared by special process.Silicone defoaming agent as an excellent defoaming agent, remove defoaming strength is strong, especially valuable is siloxane set chemical stability, physiological inertia and high and low temperature performance and other characteristics in a body, so it has been widely used.

Defoaming agent is a kind of auxiliary agent, its function is to eliminate the foam formed in the production process.Silicone defoaming agent is an efficient defoaming agent processed by a special process. It has good thermal stability and chemical stability. It can produce stable surface tension in the foam, control the foam in the whole production process, and completely eliminate bubbles of various sizes.Silicone defoaming agent is a kind of white sticky emulsion, in chemical industry, paper making, coating, food, textile, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors, silicone defoaming agent is an indispensable auxiliary in the production process.


The advantages of silicone defoaming agent:

1. A wide range of applications.

2. Small surface tension.

3. Good thermal stability.

4. Good chemical stability.

5. Strong defoaming power.

Application of silicone defoaming agent:

1. Textile paste, high temperature dyeing;

2. Industrial water treatment;

3. Slurry defoaming in petroleum exploitation;

4. Water-based coatings and other aqueous foams.

5. Other industries requiring foam suppression time and fast defoaming.

Because of its waterborne silicone defoaming agent has the characteristics of rapid defoaming, long defoaming time, safety, non-toxic and so on, its application prospect is very broad.It is widely used in paper making and textile industry.

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