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Common silicone pressure sensitive adhesive types and characteristics in the market

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Benzoyl peroxide (BPO), vulcanization silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, curing temperature (150 ℃), high curing speed slow, so this type of pressure sensitive adhesive is not applicable to the base material of low temperature resistance, for some high temperature resistant base material, can use this type of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, such as polyimide (PI) film as base material of high temperature resistant adhesive tape, adhesive tape, commonly known as gold finger Is produced by using BPO vulcanized silicone pressure sensitive adhesive evenly coated on the high temperature resistant substrate PI film.  

Addition vulcanized silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, the main characteristics are low vulcanization temperature (100 ~ 130℃), fast curing speed, no by-products in the reaction process, so it can be applied to the substrate with poor temperature resistance, protective film with this type of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. However, due to the addition of sulfide type silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with platinum catalyst, the type of catalyst in organic matter containing the elements such As N, P, S and Sn, Pb, Hg, Bi, As of metal ionic compounds may be "poisoning" deactivation, so to avoid in the process of production, transportation, use access to these materials.  

UV light curing silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, is a new pressure sensitive adhesive system, does not contain or contain a very small amount of solvent, no pollution, low energy consumption, high efficiency, can meet part of the temperature is very sensitive to the use of substrate. Due to high cost and relatively immature technology, this type of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive has not been widely accepted by the market at present, but as the main trend of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive in the future, it has attracted more and more researchers' attention.  

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