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Color Difference Prevention Plan for Dyeing Cotton Knitted Fabric

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Add Textile Auxiliary:

Levelling agent. When dyeing light colors, a certain leveling agent is needed to achieve uniform dyeing; when dyeing dark colors, it is not necessary to add a leveling agent. In production, three color matching often uses one dye as the primary color (80% to 90% of the total dye amount), and the other two dyes are auxiliary colors (10% to 20% of the total dye amount). If the base color is removed, the other two dyes are actually light-colored dosages. Therefore, in some colors prone to chromatic aberration, using a certain proportion of leveling agent is helpful to reduce the chromatic aberration. (The leveling agent here refers to the traditional polyoxyethylene ether structure surfactant, which has affinity for reactive dyes, and has certain permeability, retardation, and levelness)

Dispersant. The dispersant is mainly to evenly disperse the dye molecules in the dye liquor to help form a balanced dye bath. Liquid reactive dye leveling agents are mostly a combination of leveling agents and dispersing agents, and attention should be paid to their leveling and dispersion effects during use. ...

Co-solvent. Some reactive dyes with relatively large molecular weights, such as Cuilan, are difficult to dissolve and dye, so an appropriate amount of co-solvent (such as urea) should be added during the dyeing process. In this way, the dye molecules can be better dissolved in the dye bath, and the fiber can be swelled, so that the dye molecules can penetrate into the fiber and achieve the purpose of leveling.

Anti-wrinkle agent and fiber protection agent. Due to the characteristics of rope dyeing of knitted fabrics, some wrinkles will inevitably form in the pre-treatment and dyeing process. Adding anti-wrinkle agent or fiber protective agent can improve the feel and appearance of the cloth surface.

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