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Classification and selection of building sealant

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Silicone sealant has been widely used in curtain wall, doors and Windows, insulating glass and interior decoration and other architectural fields, play a bonding and sealing role. In the process of application, we will come into contact with some product names of building silicone sealant, such as structural sealant, hollow sealant, weathering sealant, door and window sealant, fireproof sealant, etc. How are these sealant products classified? How do they work? This issue of Baiyun online article will introduce the classification and selection of building silicone sealant.

The products of building silicone sealant on the market are mostly named according to the classification of use. In general, according to the use can be roughly divided into the following five categories: silicone structural sealant, silicone weathering sealant, ordinary silicone sealant, hollow glass with two silicone sealant, silicone sealant for special purposes. They are characterized as follows:

Silicone structure sealant

Application: mainly used for the structural bonding of glass and aluminum auxiliary frame of hidden frame glass curtain wall or semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall (see Figure 1)

Features: Glass-bonded to the aluminum frame can withstand climate aging of ultraviolet, ozone and moisture for a long time (not less than 25 years). Under the load caused by wind, gravity, temperature and so on, the strength, aging resistance requirements are high, elasticity has certain requirements.

Note with glue: the structure of the curtain wall must use silicone sealant, but also to meet the design requirements of the curtain wall, do not use other types of sealant. It is recommended to choose high performance silicone sealant, which has higher safety.

Silicone weather resistant sealant

Application: used for sealing all kinds of curtain wall joints (see figure 1) to ensure the air tightness, water tightness and other properties of curtain wall.

Features: It needs to bear the large joint width and narrow change for a long time and outdoor ultraviolet, ozone, moisture and other climate aging, elasticity (displacement ability), aging resistance requirements, do not require strength.

Note with glue: the displacement capacity of silicone weather resistant sealant should meet the deformation of the joint and meet the design requirements. Due to the relatively large deformation of curtain wall joints, it is recommended to choose products with high displacement capacity. Products with high displacement capacity have better sealing durability, because the displacement of the joint does not reach the limit value of the product, which can better guarantee the durability of the curtain wall seal.


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