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Black Deepening Agent

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Black Deepening Agent is an auxiliary agent used to increase the dyeing depth of disperse dyes on polyester fabrics.


By covering the surface of the fiber with a low-refractive index material, the degree of absorption, reflection and scattering of light by the fiber can be changed, thereby obtaining a better apparent dark color effect. This type of Black Deepening Agent has very good practical value for dark products where the dyeing depth of the finished product after dyeing does not meet the requirements, or the amount of dye is large.


"Principle of Deepening"

By padding with a low refractive index, a dense and uneven film is formed on the surface of the fabric to roughen the surface of the fiber and achieve the effect of etching. This uneven film can change the reflection direction of light, so that the incident light is absorbed by multiple refraction on the surface of the fabric, thereby reducing the reflected light and achieving the effect of deepening.

After darkening, the fabric sample can obtain a significant color darkening effect, the color change is small, and the red light is significantly eliminated. It is antistatic and hydrophilic, and the fabric feel will not change after treatment.

When using a deepening agent, the rolling groove and pressure roller should be cleaned. The pressure at both ends of the pressure roller should be consistent. Keep the cloth surface clean and flat to avoid wrinkles. Mix the deepening agent emulsion well, generally 30~50g/L, adjust the dosage according to the depth.

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